Welcome to North Carolina Giant Vegetable Growers Association! 

Our Mission is to unite giant vegetable growers across North Carolina and the surrounding states by encouraging the participation in the sport of giant vegetable growing through sharing ideas and techniques, and to promote camaraderie between Vegetable growers Worldwide.

We extend our membership to all enthusiastic growers worldwide.

Membership includes:

Personalized Membership Card

News Letters

Inside info on any Seed sales, auctions or exchanges

First hand info on any grower events and gatherings

NC State Record Pumpkin

1258 Rick Holder 2009

NC State Record Squash 820 lb Lovelace 06!
2008 NC State Record Long Gourd 114.50 Sam Lovelace!
267 Pleasant 2009

Henry Pleasant with his New North Carolina State Record Watermelon

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